As a content strategy platform, Odyssiant provides the tools for planning, producing, publishing and measuring the content that will engage your target audience. The Content Engagement Planner aligns your content with your customer journeys and touch-points. The Editorial Production Planner makes content production and publishing easy and efficient to plan and manage.

About the Odyssiant platform

Odyssiant is a Software as a Service (SaaS) content strategy platform. This means that whatever your business and whatever IT you use, you can easily access Odyssiant through your web browser – no downloads required.

About the Odyssiant Team

We have a small but growing team of marketing, communications and content experts, and experienced tech-heads who develop the platform.

About our own journey

Shock horror, we’re a start-up. A bunch of companies already use Odyssiant some of which are big name brands like RBS, and some of which are small businesses perhaps like yours.

When we went live, we launched our Editorial Production Planner and Content Engagement Planner. Further modules are in development or planned that will continue to expand our customers’ content strategy capabilities, so stay in touch to find out more. 

Content Engagement Planner

Unique platform for planning, publishing and monitoring content through every step of the buying journey

Editorial Production Planner

Editorial Calendar, workflow and collaboration tool for efficient content production and social publishing