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The Editorial Production Planner provides you with an easy to use, low cost editorial calendar, workflow and collaboration tool for efficient content production, social publishing and a content library for storing and sharing your content.






All your content planning in one place

Easy to use, highly visual drag and drop calendar for all your day-to-day content planning needs. Add new content into your plan with the content brief creation tool direct from the editorial calendar.

Help your team work as a team

Content brief creation tool allows you to brief your team on your content production requirements. User defined workflow allows you to decide how to monitor the content production process.

Promote your content to social channels

Publish your content straight from your editorial calendar directly into twitter and facebook. Scheduling tool allows you to plan and republish your social posts.

Bring your audience into the creation process

Create your content around your target audience personas by having them included in each and every brief you send your content creators.

Store all your content in one shared place

Store and share all your content from a single easy to manage repository that is fully accessible from every content brief.