For Marketing professionals

  • Easily map the entire Buyer Journey

  • Ensure the Buyer Journey is built around your customers’ needs

  • Identify all of the content needed to complete the perfect Buyer Journey

  • Easily create personal experiences for multiple audiences

  • Manage the content production process

  • Straightforward publishing across multiple channels

  • Track and measure the performance of the Buyer Journey

  • Integrate directly into your CRM

Odyssiant is an easy to use and sophisticated platform that helps you plan, publish and optimise your buyer journeys and marketing funnels.

If you build marketing campaigns or create content for marketing then you have most likely experienced the following:

  • Generating leads and customers at a profit is easier said than done

  • Getting your team and extended team on the same page is like herding cats and as a consequence the customer gets a bad experience and you don’t convert as many sales as you could.

  • Deciding what to do next to optimise your sales & marketing funnels is like throwing darts at a target when blindfolded.

  • Understanding results and what is driving sales is a dark art and feels like a lot of the time you are just reporting vanity metrics and not what is really driving sales.

  • Knowing what content is actually generating sales is a guessing game.

  • Creating content that is connected in a journey is very time consuming and manual and very often just doesn’t happen.

The Odyssiant Buyer Journey Framework

Odyssiant helps you build, manage and optimise profitable buyer journey maps and helps you solve the problems listed above

How it works…

Create your Map using the Odyssiant Journey Framework

The Framework is a template MAP that covers the decision making process we all take when making a purchase. We have made it simple for you to use this as a template for your MAP that you can then edit and change to suit your needs.

Your buyer journey is defined by the NEEDS your products and services meet. However, through each step of the buying process your customer’s NEEDS may change. By assigning NEEDS to each step you can make sure you both deliver the content that meets those NEEDS and track what NEEDS drive most sales.

Add CONTENT to your steps

You can add CONTENT directly to the MAP and step or you can add CONTENT to your Content Library and drag & drop onto the MAP.

You can PUBLISH directly from Odyssiant into your WordPress site – without asking a developer to do it for you.

Audit your CONTENT

Review the Content Management and Audit DASHBOARD to determine what is missing.

Plan what content to create to fill the gaps.

Manage the CONTENT creation process with BRIEFS and workflow then PUBLISH

Collaborate on the content with your team. Use the Brief status to determine when the item is complete and ready to publish.

Publish directly into your WordPress site from Odyssiant.

(Agencies: manage content for multiple brands in one place whilst also giving your clients access for easy workflow and approvals.)

MOVE your customers with Next-Best-Content

The Odyssiant Next-Best-Content plugin will push CONTENT to your customers to progress them through your journey based on their  JOURNEY, STEP and NEEDS.


To effectively manage your journeys, you will need to understand how your journeys are performing. Where are your prospects on their journeys, how is the content performing, where are the opportunities and room for improvement? Odyssiant’s analytics dashboards help you do all this and provide you full marketing attribution to sale.



PERSONA DEFINITIONS Personas are part of content creation and publishing process so that journeys can be delivered specific to Personas.
You can create different versions of the same content for different Personas and each item of content will retain its position within the map.


Very flexible journey design means journeys can be created and tailored to suit every need.
The full buying process is supported with content that connects from the initial contact through to the end of the journey.
By supporting the buyer journey not a process or funnel you achieve higher conversion rates and more engagement.


Creating briefs centrally against a map ensures consistency in the creation of the content and therefore a joined up experience for customers.
Central control of content creation helps manage the content budgets and prioritise content that is more important.
Central creation of content aligns various functions around the customer journey rather than having silos that create inconsistent experiences for customers.


Automated tagging without coding. Easy to add attributes that apply automatic tagging to the content without the need for the content creator to do anything technically. Allows the performance of the content to be assessed easily by any of these dimensions.

One click publishing. Either cut and paste from your favourite word processing tool or create content directly within Odyssiant. Publishing is really simple just select the Publish check-box and it is all done and it will be published everywhere you you have set up to receive the Odyssiant content.
No dead ends. No item of content is stand alone, it all contributes to the customer journey. Reduces wastage on content that goes no-where. No dead ends. The customer’s curiosity can be piqued to keep them moving to the next item that progresses them towards the sale.


Unique NEEDS analysis. No other platform can provide detailed NEEDS analysis of each individual customer as the progress through their journey. Only Odyssiant can provide you with your customer true intent combined with how far they are in the buying process. 

Digging deep into the performance of content by journey and needs gives a unique perspective on what is working with your customers. If you don’t purposefully create journeys supported by content that fulfil customers needs then you can’t measure and analyse it.


Content driven by needs. By assigning needs to content we can track what needs drive most sales. We can also get a better understand of what doesn’t work. Therefore, understand what content we need more or and what we need less of to optimise the sales process.

Personal Need clouds. By tracking the individual journey and content consumed against needs, you get a unique NEED cloud for each customer that can be used in CRM and analytics.

P.S. If you don’t map your buyer journeys and create connected content you are missing out on at least 37% of your market who are not ready to buy right now!

(See our article on the role of content in the buyer journey.)

To get started you might find our workshop guide helpful…