Customer Journey Management – Overcoming the silo problem


Silos are one of the largest hurdles for any successful Cx programme to overcome. We explained why in our article “Is Customer Journey Management next?” when we discussed the challenge of demonstrating ROI for Customer Experience and Customer Journey Mapping: “The reason it is so hard to prove the ROI is because the customer [...]

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Can you create an omni-channel experience?


74% of marketers said that a cohesive omni-channel experience was important (34% said it was very important). ( We would all agree that there needs to be consistency of the brand experience across channels and the ability to interact where customers are and where they want to be and there is evidence to suggest [...]

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Know How: What is missing in your marketing technology stack?


The reality is that no one technology platform will serve all your marketing needs. It is more normal now to have a marketing “stack” where you select the best in breed for your needs, your budget and for each task. But it can be difficult to assess if you need a new component or application…

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The commercial benefits of Customer Journey Management


 Chief marketing officers (CMOs) who design and incorporate customer journey management as part of their overall activities outperform all others by 54% (24.9% vs 16.2%) in annual improvement on ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment) according a recent report from the Aberdeen Group (see image above).But the respondents to the survey cited that a big challenge…

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Do you have a “leaky funnel”?


Useful things funnels. In the real world they allow you to pour accurately into narrow containers and in the marketing world we use them as a way to describe the channelling of customers towards a sale. Except, bizarrely, that is not what marketers now use the term funnel to describe.Instead of neatly moving all customers…

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Measuring the new ROI of marketing


Before looking at what the new potential is for calculating the ROI of marketing, let us first look at the “old” ROI of marketing. What do you measure at the moment to determine success? In the majority of cases, this is not necessarily what you want to measure but what you can measure. These are things like response rates,…

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Change how you measure your marketing ROI


 In the article The New ROI of Marketing we looked at how the accounting based calculations are made to understand our ROI and profitability. The conclusion being that becoming a customer-centric business will unlock a better engagement with customers that will have direct commercial return. As marketing leaders you will be on a spectrum which at one…

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Have you bought your own product?


Have you bought your competitors product? This might sound like madness, you probably do competitor analysis if not regularly at least once in a while to keep your positioning fresh, why would you need to go further than that? The answer to that question is that you need to experience their whole journey, from how…

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Is Customer Journey Management next?


Growing the size of your customer base and managing it has been the mission of a number of methods, movements, technologies, approaches or business functions (take your pick!) for around the last 30 years. First there was Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which started as simply having a customer data set rather than product management systems…

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Houston we have contact…


Why do you need to do anything differently when it comes to the way you contact your customers? Because change is inevitable and your customers have already changed and in many ways. When things change and new information comes into existence, it is no longer possible to solve current problems with yesterday’s solutions.The Hippocratic Oath…

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The biggest challenge of setting up an AI for marketing


As marketers begin to seek practical applications of AI, they are encountering the first challenges. However, the biggest challenge of all is data. Almost all AIs require “training”, this means preparing historical data so that it can learn what has happened in the past to predict what might happen in the future. This “predictive model”…

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Content Challenges: Commercialising a content strategy


Recent research shows that because of the ubiquity of content, most buyers will be 60% of their way to a purchasing decision before they speak to sales or make a purchase online. Of those that are 60% of their way to a decision, only 26% will ever actually buy anything. That means that of the…

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Best practice in Customer Journey Mapping


All too often Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) is constrained to the customer’s online journey and even then may only be the journey from entering your website through to the point of sale. However, creating true business success from CJM can only be achieved by considering the customer’s entire journey and that means looking across six…

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How silos impede customer-centricity


 Having a customer-centric culture does not make your business customer-centric. Many factors will be behind this but the hardest one to tackle will be the customer communications silos that exist within your business.So why do customer communications silos impede customer-centricity? There are two ways to answer that question. The first is to look at it…

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The spinning wheel of engagement


PR and marketing has fallen into a trap. This trap is something we call the ‘spinning wheel of engagement’.PR and marketing teams have become very good at engaging their target audiences online and within social media. Like good little hamsters attracted by some food, the target audience is being drawn in and clicking their ‘follow’…

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The business benefits of customer journey mapping


Customer Journey mapping is a term that is increasingly being used within the marketing industry, the but definition of what exactly it means is still very much in dispute. Many commentators refer to Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) in a way that is more user experience design (UX) such as what web layouts optimise the customer’s…

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Where to begin when considering your contact strategy


Better customer communications can be worth millions in annual revenues. This is because there is a strong correlation between the customers’ experience and loyalty [Forrester Report: Customer Experience Index]. So, companies that manage their communications with a strong contact strategy can create better experiences for their customers and tend to have more customers who will…

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The ideal approach to customer contact


In the article “Houston we have contact!” we talked about the first three steps to take in designing and implementing your contact strategy. Whilst these are all necessary steps, they are still “tactical”. What we mean by this is that these steps are required to stop you hemorrhaging, but at the same time they are…

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Customers hate badly managed communications


When was the last time you thought about the way in which your business communicates with your customers? Not what you are saying or how you are saying it, or even the KPIs of your call-handling; such considerations are commonplace because they, fundamentally, involve looking at individual communications. Rather, the totality of the communications you…

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