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Content Challenges: Marketing attribution to sale

  • 5 min read

This is how to commercialise your content strategy and deliver marketing attribution to sale Marketing attribution to sale is an elusive “nirvana” that many CMO’s are seeking to achieve, but it is a challenging knot to unravel. Research shows that most buyers will be 60% of their way to a purchasing decision before they speak to sales or make a… Continue readingContent Challenges: Marketing attribution to sale

Know How: Buyer Journey Planning is the first step to commercialising content marketing

  • 9 min read

Why Buyer Journey Planning? The critical thing to understand is what the business needs to see, balanced against what you want the business to understand to support your content marketing activities and investment. And it is vital to appreciate that this is not simply about justifying the existing investment but understanding how to improve the content marketing programme so that… Continue readingKnow How: Buyer Journey Planning is the first step to commercialising content marketing

The problem with silos

  • 2 min read

Integrating disparate customer communications silos is a major headache for CMOs, as highlighted by a recent survey of 50 CMOs by Marketing Magazine. The article says: “Creating a truly integrated customer experience requires joined-up thinking across the business – and, although steps are being taken in this direction, in many companies this isn’t yet taking place. CMOs are facing the… Continue readingThe problem with silos

How silos impede customer-centricity

  • 5 min read

Having a customer-centric culture does not make your business customer-centric. Many factors will be behind this but the hardest one to tackle will be the customer communications silos that exist within your business. So why do customer communications silos impede customer-centricity? There are two ways to answer that question. The first is to look at it from the customer’s point… Continue readingHow silos impede customer-centricity

The spinning wheel of engagement

  • 2 min read

PR and marketing has fallen into a trap. This trap is something we call the ‘spinning wheel of engagement’. PR and marketing teams have become very good at engaging their target audiences online and within social media. Like good little hamsters attracted by some food, the target audience is being drawn in and clicking their ‘follow’ and ‘like’ buttons. And… Continue readingThe spinning wheel of engagement

The business benefits of customer journey mapping

  • 7 min read

Customer Journey mapping is a term that is increasingly being used within the marketing industry, the but definition of what exactly it means is still very much in dispute. Many commentators refer to Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) in a way that is more user experience design (UX) such as what web layouts optimise the customer’s progress through the site and… Continue readingThe business benefits of customer journey mapping

Every journey starts with a single content step

  • 4 min read

Buyer journey mapping is a process used by marketers to define the behaviour of their target audience when they are trying to persuade them to buy their product or service. Most commonly visualised as a marketing funnel, the journeys aim to cover all the touch points across multiple channels. We sometimes document this with different customer segments that all lead… Continue readingEvery journey starts with a single content step

The ideal approach to customer contact

  • 6 min read

In order to implement the right customer contact strategy you need to understand where you are headed. What is the ideal experience?

Customers hate badly managed communications

  • 5 min read

The big picture – the totality of your communications – why you need a communications audit Have you thought about how your business communicates with your customers? Not what you are saying or how you are saying it, or even the KPIs. Such considerations are commonplace because they involve looking at individual communications. Rather, the totality of the communications you… Continue readingCustomers hate badly managed communications

Aligning comms silos equals business benefits

  • 5 min read

Building a business case to break down the communications silos requires a clear understanding of the business benefits and a considerable amount of internal alignment of different functions. While both are obvious points, they also pose significant challenges. To a degree, it is the challenging nature of building the business case and attempting to align differing functions that explains why… Continue readingAligning comms silos equals business benefits