Buyer Journey Engine

Helping businesses increase conversions through connected Buyer Journeys

Why does your business need Odyssiant?

Why is Odyssiant important for your business?

In one sentence it’s because marketing and sales funnels are failing…


  • Businesses are not aligned to their buyer’s journey

  • Instead they are focussed the 3%

In any given market, at any give time, only 3% of people are ready to buy right now.

The rest – 97% are on the Buyer Journey.

Why does this matter?

To answer that, we all need to take a step back and look at the changing nature of the way people & businesses buy.

This means the buyer is in control, not you. 

They are researching, considering and getting ready to buy, and you’re probably only aware and involved at the very end of their journey.

What is the impact on your marketing? 

It means you and your competitors are fighting for the same 3%. 

And your actual funnel is misshaped.

In short, your marketing activity is not aligned to the buyer journey.

When you have a buyer journey map and can track engagement against the map you can then see what the true shape of your funnel is –

This isn’t good by the way. It means you are only engaged when the prospect has already decided what they are likely to buy.

What should it look like?

Ideally, if you optimise and change the shape of the funnel then you will end up with something like this:

How do you do that? Let us introduce you to Odyssiant, the Buyer Journey Engine…


Progress buyers through their journey


Deliver deep actionable insight on customers needs to improve journeys


Increase lead volume and improve conversion rate

Your journey is being tracked …

This is your “Nudge”: