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We plan and create content that takes your audience on a journey. Multichannel. Multimedia. Multijourney.

  • Persona Mapping – By getting under the skin of your audiences and their needs, we create content that truly engages
  • Customer Journey Mapping – we map all types of customer journeys (Web Journey, Buyers’ Journey, Onboarding Journey and more)
  • Content Journey Mapping – we make sure you have all the right content for every step of the journey
  • Analytics and Reporting – Our content journey expertise means that we measure not only the clicks and opens but the actual commercial returns
  • Technology Innovation – As partners of Odyssiant, the Dynamic Content Platform, we can use its innovative AI to progress your audience through the buying journey


With years of event, communication and project management experience, the most important thing we have learned is that every task must help a company achieve their primary annual goals.

When you contact Iristify to review your strategic plans, take on a special project, or manage an important event, we will always ask, “What are your company’s goals and how do you see this activity helping to achieve it?”

Perhaps you want to increase sales, raise more funds, or expand your company’s name recognition. Our project plans include measurable outcomes that ensure we are helping your business to succeed. And that, is the key to our success.