Trust in the journey: The path to insights, personalisation, engagement and success

Results of a research survey to test if customer journey mapping is driving growth

Leading organisations are modelling a new path to insight; they are map designers. They use content insights to create context and reveal customers’ intent. To achieve the elegant and irresistible design of the customer journey, they don’t lock customers into a sales process; instead, they seek to design the buying journey around the customer’s needs.

Journey mapping generates insights in abundance, feeds on-target personalisation and has equally important second-order effect: it propagates trust. Journey maps cement trust by instilling a culture of accountability to customers inside the organisation. Leading organisations are discovering their customers’ unmet needs and intent by creating content that supports the customers’ journey not their sales process.

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The purpose of this survey was to dig into the capabilities required to design and manage a  customer’s E2E journey and see what the state of Customer Journey Mapping in organisations is today.

The capabilities that were the subject of the research are as follows:

Insights & Highlights

Just 22% of enterprises have integrated the customer journey across the organisation.

But.. 51% of organisations with the largest market share believe tracking the journey engagement is vital to sales – “You get what you measure”

75% of organisations are using personalisation to improve content engagement and drive customers through the journey

73% of marketers from the top performing companies use insights from content engagement to help them understand customer needs and intent

Full Report

(Study conducted February 2020)

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