Marketing Use Cases

Quality content from the first interaction

Design and create the perfect content to match your buyers’ needs sequenced to match their buying process.

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Automatic Lead Management & Nurturing

Integrate with Salesforce, Dynamics, Sugar, Hubspot, etc., to feed data enriched leads into existing funnel management processes.

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Full Marketing Attribution to Sale

Track every content interaction to fully analyse and understand contribution to sale.

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Sales Use Cases

Map Buyer Journeys to Sales Funnel

Managing the production of content to make sure that it is available to the customer at the right point in your sales and marketing funnels.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Each stage of the customer journey is a chance to differentiate yourself from the competition and delight customers. Highly-engaged customers buy 90% more often and spend 60% more per transaction.

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Increase qualified lead volume

Customers take personal journeys self-identifying their needs and signalling when ready to buy through their content consumption

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Customer Value Management Use Cases

Journey analysis aids discovery of commercial levers

Understand which content and therefore what customer needs are most driving sales and the effect routes to purchase

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Sustained engagement provides cross/up-sell opportunities

Customer needs embedded into content creates next sales opportunity by looping the customer into the next journey

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Retention & Loyalty are all part of the same customer journey

Break down the internal silos so the customer journey is connected across departments. The customer needs that drove the purchase are carried through to service, support loyalty and retention.

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