Odyssiant is an enterprise SaaS customer engagement journey platform that acquires and manages customers through their journey from initial interest to purchase and on to retention.

Using inbound marketing through multi-channel publishing, a next-best-content AI, and highly flexible content journey mapping, Odyssiant has the power to engage your customers and take them on personal journeys to sale with one major UK bank achieving 51% conversion rate from prospect to marketing qualified lead.



Bring the audience into the engagement process using persona information to inform the content creation track its consumption.

Customer Journey Mapping

Unique customer content journey mapping tool ensures content exists for every step in the customer journey, tagged to the customer’s needs.

Editorial Planning

An efficient workflow and collaboration tool for content production including editorial calendar, workflow management and content library.


Publish content to your channels and lead audiences on journeys. Unique ‘Next Best Content’ tool. Multi-channel publishing. Provide MQL to frontline.


Monitor the content performance of your customer journeys, gather content performance insight, and track marketing attribution to sale.

Odyssiant integrates with decision engines to engage next-best-actions with the target audience in outbound communications.

Odyssiant within your decision engine/marketing stack:

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