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How to use buyer journey maps to create your content strategy

  • 3 min read

Do you keep asking yourself what content you should be creating and how your customers will engage with it? If you do, a buyer-journey map is exactly what you need. Read on to find out how to build one!

What is a buyer journey map?

As any marketer knows, understanding the needs of your customers is paramount to success. A buyer-journey map is a fantastic way to do that. Creating one means identifying the personas of your target audience, understanding their needs and motivations, then analysing how they interact with your content on the way to purchasing your product.

Crafting accurate buyer-journey maps is no small feat, however, but getting it right can pay dividends. By better understanding each persona and where their journey is headed, you can build a more effective content strategy that yields more effective sales results. There are plenty of case studies where companies have successfully implemented such strategies to great success; 30% improvements in conversion rates in some cases.

Creating content for your buyer journey

Once you have your map, you need to create content that serves the different personas, tailored to their different needs, all at different stages of their journey, which is quite the challenge! Fortunately, both Odyssiant and content generating AI’s now make this process easy.

An audit of your existing content will show where there are gaps to fill and develop. Odyssiant’s innovative platform lets you track and optimise this with precision. Then, an AI such as ChatGTP can rapidly generate precisely crafted content for each persona and each step of their journey. By using engaging and catchy content modelled more accurately to different personas, your buyers will more easily trust you because they can see you are aware of their needs.

How to analyse the effectiveness of your content

Of course, there’s no point just relying on end sales results to measure this new content’s effectiveness. You need to track and analyse buyers’ engagement to make sure each step in the buyer’s journey delivers maximum impact.

Odyssiant’s platform handles all this with ease, removing the guesswork and instead providing robust and insightful data analytics. You’ll be able to immediately see if something isn’t performing as you’d hoped, giving you an opportunity to rework or replace it with something else and thereby improving the whole funnel.

For more detail on all the steps, download our buyer-journey mapping guide and contact us to explore the possibilities!