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Dynamic Content personalises the journey

  • 2 min read
buyer journey engine dynamic content

Personalising content is not hard, but dynamic content is somewhat harder…

The quest for personalisation remains a marketing obsession, and rightly so. Simply treating customers as a collective mass where the individual’s needs does not matter lacks common-sense and conflicts with customer expectations.

However, achieving personalisation is considered hard. After all, to truly personalise the customer journey you need to understand individual needs and serve the right content for their current step in the journey.

Moreover, customers must be able to find and consume only the content that is right for them which would turn the challenging task of managing web content into Mission Impossible.

But what if there was another way?

What if one page on a website could show different content to different customers based on their own contextual needs?

Guess what, you can. It’s called ‘dynamic content’ and it uses an AI to select the right content for the customer based on two things. Firstly, an assessment of their needs based on the content the customer has already consumed – these needs will relate to the various customer personas that the business serves. Secondly, an assessment of where the customer is on the journey so that they can, hopefully, choose to progress forward to the desired end goal.

Will the customer notice? Only in the sense that their experience will be continually and increasingly contextually relevant. Otherwise the dynamic content appears instantly when the page loads. More than that, the AI will also make personalised recommendations about the next contextually relevant content they might like to consume with these recommendations appearing alongside and within the content.

All you need to do is add the dynamic content frames within your website, connect it to an AI and content journey mapping tool (like Odyssiant) and then ensure all of the content exists for the customer to consume. Does that involve investment and planning? Yes. But it’s no harder than any other marketing approach and achieves the much sought after goal of personalisation.