Believe it or not, fifteen years ago or so many deals were done on the golf course. Seems incredible now that it was like that, but it was commonplace. That it wasn’t that long ago is perhaps the most surprising part. I bet there are some readers who would argue that it is much less than fifteen years ago. That just goes to highlight how rapidly things are changing. 

Perhaps the pandemic-imposed restrictions of the last year has seen the most change, tipping companies that were still dragging their heals to finally commit to digital marketing and sales engagement. The switch over to content driving the sales has been slower, probably because we all resist change and, therefore, some companies haven’t caught up with the importance of content in the sales and marketing process. 

But of course there has also been an evolution in the business-to-business world where businesses have shifted their mindset from targeting customers to engaging buyers. Customers were people that you sold to. Buyers are people who research to work out whether they want to buy from you. It’s no longer about relationships and playing golf.  A very different style of sales and marketing is required now. For a start it’s all driven by content and that’s why companies need to pay close attention to their content strategy to make sure it is fit for purpose. That all starts with an audit of existing content before any plans should be made about what content to create.

We are also seeing more about “buying committees” and Account Based Marketing as a reflection of this change, but in order to audit content for the new role it must play, we must also understand the buyer journey of individuals within these buying committees. Only when you have a Buyer Journey mapped is it possible to make sure that your content is supporting your customers throughout their buying process. 

Odyssiant’s Buyer Journey Engine helps organisations map the Buyer Journey, understand the gaps they have in their content and then drive customers through the journey. With the Odyssiant Buyer Journey in place, businesses can successfully make the shift from targeting customers to engaging buyers, confident that by doing so, they are able to progress their buyers through their buying journey leading to successful lead conversion in today’s digital sales and marketing world. 

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