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The Ultimate Guide to Buyer Journey Mapping with Campaign Automation

  • 2 min read

We love campaign automation. But it can be hard to work out how to create a journey and what is the right content that will support our buyers past the first steps. The first step items are the “thought leadership” pieces, and lead magnets that we create for our landing pages to get that all important first engagement. If you have been following the doctrines inbound marketing you might have lots of content in these first steps of the journey, but it doesn’t necessarily move the customer forward and answer all their questions. An effective buyer journey should balance a consumer’s intent with the objectives of the business throughout the customer relationship lifecycle.

The best place to start building out your buyer journey is with your content strategy and plan. As with any planning, the best place to start this is on paper. A blank piece of paper is really tough though, so what structures do you need to get ideas? Over several years we have developed the methodology, workshops, and templates included in this guide that have worked very well in helping our clients design buyer journeys that are effective in growing sales. This process will help you to gather all your insights and ideas together in a structured way.

For the approach to have the greatest impact it is important that the complete end-to-end customer journey is covered – i.e., from the initial “need” the customer has before they start their research all the way through to them being a satisfied, loyal advocate of your product.

There also needs to be a shift in emphasis away from selling to the audience and instead towards serving the audience. By thinking of content that will serve the audience when building the buyer journey then you will be considering what the customer needs are from you as they progress through the journey.

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