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B2B Banking Case Study

  • 2 min read

For this project Odyssiant helped RBS implement a Buyer Journey Mapping marketing strategy to create highly engaged customer relationships for the enterprise scale asset management products (B2B). This project proved that this new approach has significant benefits for creating long-lasting relationships with prospects while reducing costs associated with traditional campaigns. Inbound Content Marketing was put into place with one goal:… Continue readingB2B Banking Case Study

Funnel Optimisation Roadmap

  • 3 min read

Here is our formula for optimising your conversion rate and the shape of your funnel: Define your Personas – and they are not segments and may not be already on the shelf! We define Personas by the way they buy not job title. For example, a “Business Challenger” could be in any role within an organisation. To be successful, the… Continue readingFunnel Optimisation Roadmap

The growing problem of content chaos

  • 3 min read

Content Chaos? Like algae blooming in a nutrient-rich lake, the amount of content being produced by companies today is growing at an exponential rate. How much content is being created, which functions within the business are creating it and how much of it is being exposed to customers is, for the average business, an utter mystery. Being polite and mundane,… Continue readingThe growing problem of content chaos

WARNING: Read this article before spending any more on sales funnels, marketing automation and “always on” marketing!

  • 5 min read

What you don’t know about marketing and sales funnels that could cost you tens-of-thousands and threaten your return on marketing investment: 6 Reasons that shouting louder and spending more on systems and adverts than the competition doesn’t work 5 Factors you must consider before implementing marketing automation and sales funnels. The dirty little secrets no software vendor would dare tell… Continue readingWARNING: Read this article before spending any more on sales funnels, marketing automation and “always on” marketing!

The Cost of Content Chaos

  • 3 min read

How much does your business spend on content chaos each year? If you are following global trends, it is an amount that is set to have doubled between 2016 and 2021; global spend on content marketing was assessed at $200bn+ in 2016 and in on track to exceed $400bn by 2022. However, that only covers content that falls under the… Continue readingThe Cost of Content Chaos

Dynamic Content personalises the journey

  • 2 min read

Personalising content is not hard, but dynamic content is somewhat harder… The quest for personalisation remains a marketing obsession, and rightly so. Simply treating customers as a collective mass where the individual’s needs does not matter lacks common-sense and conflicts with customer expectations. However, achieving personalisation is considered hard. After all, to truly personalise the customer journey you need to… Continue readingDynamic Content personalises the journey

Splitit case study: visibility of buyers within their journey boosted conversion rates

  • 6 min read

Splitit Case Study: Introduction The way that retailers engage with their consumers has changed dramatically so that today’s buyer-seller transactions are far more frequently digital. For the traditional B2B sales process this has meant a shift from an activity largely driven by the sales force, to a customer-initiated, digitally enabled, content-driven online journey. This case study looks at the B2B… Continue readingSplitit case study: visibility of buyers within their journey boosted conversion rates

Content Audit

  • 3 min read

Determining what data to capture within a content audit Before embarking upon a content audit, stop and ask yourself this question: How is this content audit going to improve your content programme? It is only by having a clear set of desired outcomes that come from answering that question that you will know what data you should capture within the… Continue readingContent Audit

Full funnel Marketing

  • 4 min read

McKinsey says that “Full Funnel” marketing is the new must have for CMO is but is it really? Will it work? Let’s set the scene: We divide marketing activity into one of two camps at the moment – Brand Marketing or Performance Marketing. This is above the line and below the line to use the old terms. Full funnel marketing… Continue readingFull funnel Marketing