Odyssiant customers have seen ....

30% improvement in sales conversion rate!

Odyssiant helps you build, manage and optimise buyer journey maps

How it works…

Create your Map using the Odyssiant Journey Framework

The Framework is a template MAP that covers the decision making process we all take when making a purchase. We have made it simple for you to use this as a template for your MAP that you can then edit and change to suit your needs.

Your buyer journey is defined by the NEEDS your products and services meet. However, through each step of the buying process your customer’s NEEDS may change. By assigning NEEDS to each step you can make sure you both deliver the content that meets those NEEDS and track what NEEDS drive most sales.

Add CONTENT to your steps and AUDIT

You can add CONTENT directly to the MAP and step or you can add CONTENT to your Content Library and drag & drop onto the MAP.

You can PUBLISH directly from Odyssiant into your WordPress site – without asking a developer to do it for you.

Review the Content Management and Audit DASHBOARD to determine what is missing.

Plan what content to create to fill the gaps.

MOVE your customers with Content

The Odyssiant Nudge plugin will push CONTENT to your customers to progress them through your journey based on their  JOURNEY, STEP and NEEDS.


To be effective at Buyer Journey Optimisation, you will need to understand how your journeys are performing.

Where are your prospects on their journeys? How is the content performing? Where are the opportunities and room for improvement?

Odyssiant’s analytic dashboards help you do all this and provide you with full marketing attribution to sale.


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