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End-to-End customer journeys

Be part of your customers’ journey every step of the way.

Meet their buying needs, be engaged, and create a connected experience.

Only with Odyssiant do you have the power to map and progress the customers’ end-to-end journey.

I’ve reviewed Odyssiant and really liked how it uses customer needs to drive digital content based on next best decision or action from the customers perspective… good to see real case studies in action 👍🏻🎉

Susan Caesar - Director of Customer Experience , Sage

I highly recommend that all businesses use Odyssiant to do a content audit. Their reports clearly show gaps in your marketing & sales cycle. For every type of prospect, you will see a clear picture of potential prospect questions for each promotional type (email, social media, advertising, etc). You will know whether their questions are actually answered. And, you will confirm that prospects are encouraged to continue through your sales cycle no matter where in the process they are. With Odyssiant, the prospects you were losing will start to become clients even before they speak with a salesperson. 

Aly Goldberg - CEO, Iristify

Odyssiant allows me to check whether I have all the right marketing assets to take my customers on a journey. I can focus on making sure I have all the right content first (and I finally know where it is!) and fill any gaps – not just executing tactically. If I only think of the time and money misspent in the past! I am now an advocate of Odyssiant, telling everyone about it.

Stefano Maifreni - CEO, Eggcelerate

The benefits were immediate as soon as our content was audited it was obvious what was missing – a massive help for me. Very excited about using Odyssiant.

Elliot Trussell - Industry Marketing Manager, IFS

I like this because there is a thought process rather than simple isolation of content – its clever. It’s really, really interesting to understand what content exists to support the whole of the customer journey and I love the way this mapping process is structured and it is simple to understand.

Jonathan Cann - Global CRM Director, Namecheap

Buyer Journey Mapping is the way forward to optimise your sales and marketing funnels

  • Connect the full Buyer Journey

    map and deliver the content needed to progress your customer from engagement to purchase

  • Identify & Create all Buyer Journey Content

    create all the content needed to fulfil the entire Buyer Journey

  • Personalised Experiences for Multiple Audiences

    publish the content that is personal to the customer’s needs

  • Measure Marketing Attribution to Sale

    track and measure the performance of your marketing activity from engagement to purchase

Odyssiant helps you build, manage and optimise buyer journey maps

How it works…

Create your Map using the Odyssiant Journey Framework

The Framework is a template MAP that covers the decision making process we all take when making a purchase. We have made it simple for you to use this as a template for your MAP that you can then edit and change to suit your needs.

Your buyer journey is defined by the NEEDS your products and services meet. However, through each step of the buying process your customer’s NEEDS may change. By assigning NEEDS to each step you can make sure you both deliver the content that meets those NEEDS and track what NEEDS drive most sales.

Add CONTENT to your steps

You can add CONTENT directly to the MAP and step or you can add CONTENT to your Content Library and drag & drop onto the MAP.

You can PUBLISH directly from Odyssiant into your WordPress site – without asking a developer to do it for you.

Audit your CONTENT

Review the Content Management and Audit DASHBOARD to determine what is missing.

Plan what content to create to fill the gaps.

Manage the CONTENT creation process with BRIEFS and workflow then PUBLISH

Collaborate on the content with your team. Use the Brief status to determine when the item is complete and ready to publish.

Publish directly into your WordPress site from Odyssiant.

(Agencies: manage content for multiple brands in one place whilst also giving your clients access for easy workflow and approvals.)

MOVE your customers with Next-Best-Content

The Odyssiant Next-Best-Content plugin will push CONTENT to your customers to progress them through your journey based on their  JOURNEY, STEP and NEEDS.


To effectively manage your journeys, you will need to understand how your journeys are performing. Where are your prospects on their journeys, how is the content performing, where are the opportunities and room for improvement? Odyssiant’s analytics dashboards help you do all this and provide you full marketing attribution to sale.

Your journey is being tracked …

This is your Next Best Content: