Customer Experience Management Platform

The only software you need to plan and manage End-to-End customer journeys

Be part of your customers’ journey every step of the way. Meet their buying needs, be engaged, and create a connected experience.

Only with Odyssiant do you have the power to map and progress the customers’ end-to-end journey.


Build your customer and buyer journeys with tools you can use for free.
  • Persona definitions

  • Journey map design & build

  • Plan your content strategy

  • Align your content to maps

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Odyssiant for CX

Go beyond static process to real-time management of your customer journeys

  • Connected Customer Experience

    map and deliver an E2E customer experience from marketing engagement to purchase and beyond

  • Personal Needs-based Journeys

    deliver customer journeys built around your customer’s needs creating personal experiences

  • Visualise & Manage the E2E Journey

    put your customer journeys live and manage the journey performance

  • Track & Measure the E2E Experience

    understand how your customer journeys are performing in real-time

Odyssiant for Marketing

Buyer Journey Mapping is the way forward to optimise your sales and marketing funnels

  • Connect the full Buyer Journey

    map and deliver the content needed to progress your customer from engagement to purchase

  • Identify & Create all Buyer Journey Content

    create all the content needed to fulfil the entire Buyer Journey

  • Personalised Experiences for Multiple Audiences

    publish the content that is personal to the customer’s needs

  • Measure Marketing Attribution to Sale

    track and measure the performance of your marketing activity from engagement to purchase

Odyssiant for CX
Odyssiant for Marketing

Marketing, Sales and Customer Value Amplified with Odyssiant


Win new customers by taking them on a personal journey all the time

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Increase conversions by engaging with your customers’ needs

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Customer Value Management

Optimise customer value by discovering the commercial levers in any part of the end-to-end customer journey

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