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Buyer Journey Mapping Engine

Buyer Journey Mapping & Optimisation

Radically improve your sales conversion rates.

What is Odyssiant?

Odyssiant is a unique and innovative marketing software platform that helps businesses organise, plan, create, publish, track and measure the content they need to fulfil any customer’s end-to-end buying journey.

Through our dynamic content AI, you’ll transform the way you use content to help buyers find the answers they need.

Download our 47 page guide to creating and optimising buyer journeys. In this free guide, you’ll learn:

How to create your buyers journey map with differentiated paths for different personas and needs
How to put your journey live and change the shape of your funnel.
What you need to set up in your marketing automation to integrate your journey analytics with your campaign analytics
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Buyer Journey Mapping

Create Map

It all starts with building a map that is right for your customers – defining how your customers buy your product. This buyer journey map helps you to understand their needs.

Buyer Journey - nudging

Move Customers

With the Odyssiant Nudge plugin, you can move your customers on a journey to help them reach their goals. The AI will analyze each customer’s history and use this information in order determine what content might be most relevant for that particular person at any given time!

Content auditing

Audit Content

You can add CONTENT directly to the MAP and step and then review the Content Audit DASHBOARD to determine what is missing.

Buyer Journey Optimisation


Odyssiant offers a suite of analytics tools to help you identify opportunities for growth in your content and marketing strategy. With our dashboards, we enable full tracking from the moment users engage with your content – all within one easy-to use interface!

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