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Where are your customers on the pre-sales journey?

  • 3 min read

Can you see your marketing attribution to sale?

Two questions with profound consequences for how your market and sell to your customers today:

Question 1: How many customers make it from your marketing activities through to a sale?

Question 2: How many customers are making it from your marketing activities through to a sale right now?

Nonsense questions? Not so, although you will be surprised how easy they are to answer. More importantly though, how much value would you put on the answers to those questions?

That’s why, as well as briefly showing you the solution to those questions, this short article is going to touch on three killer points:

  1. Accountability & ROI
  2. Marketing Attribution to Sale
  3. Sales & Marketing Intelligence

So let’s nail the answer to both of those questions in one simple diagram:

What you are seeing here may look like a classic sales funnel but in fact it is a customer journey delivered through content. To achieve it, the content journey had been mapped out based on the customer personas and needs, and then the Odyssiant AI guided customers through their personal journeys by offering up next best content based on their needs.

By taking this approach, you can see how many customers are progressing through each stage of their own buying journeys – be that right now, or over any number of days, weeks or months.

And that brings us to the first of the three killer points – Accountability & ROI. Your Board demands it but more than that, you are probably desperate to provide it. With this approach you have real-time data that shows exactly what is going on with the ability to use it to provide sales forecasting.

As you can then overlay this with the activity budget costs, this then gives you Marketing Attribution to Sale – the second of the three killer points.

Finally, it provides you with powerful Sales & Marketing Intelligence that is the third killer point. This isn’t simply in terms of numbers, but in terms of what is actually going on with the customers. Where are they getting stuck on the journey? What are the customer needs that are the clear priorities? If you are B2B, which are the big accounts which you could be targeting? This is the sort of Sales & Marketing Intelligence that AI-driven content journeys can provide.

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