Odyssiant is a content journey platform that allows you to capture, visualise and act upon a content audit. 

Users can upload all content into the Odyssiant content library, capturing all core details including any url links. As part of this upload, users can place the content on a journey map, specify audience personas and tag all customer needs.

This allows users to clearly see the gaps in the customer journey. For users to take the visualisation to the next level, report packs can be purchase, providing detailed graphs including content need spread, content needs by step, and content by persona. 

The easy-to-use Odyssiant content briefing process then allows users to specify what content should then be created to fill the gaps in the journey, persona mix and to meet identified customer needs.

“The benefits were immediate as soon as our content was audited it was obvious what was missing – a massive help for me. Very excited about using Odyssiant.” Elliot Trussell, Industry Marketing Manager, IFS