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Adding AI to marketing

  • 2 min read

The focus on AI use should be where it can enhance the customer experience. But, how specifically, do we use AI to improve customer experience? From established vendors to innovative start-ups, specific applications are emerging that are simplifying tasks, enhancing analytics, freeing up resource and creating new and exciting opportunities for customer engagement. Customer experience can feel disjointed and irrelevant… Continue readingAdding AI to marketing

Understanding the role of content in customer journey

  • 3 min read

In the previous article, “Every journey starts with a single content step”, we explored the need to define your customer’s buying journey from their perspective and then use this to create truly customer-centric content. This approach creates an end-to-end content journey, as content is the tool being used to facilitate your customer’s journeys. But what does this mean in practice… Continue readingUnderstanding the role of content in customer journey

Buyer Journey Management – Overcoming the silo problem

  • 4 min read

Silos are one of the largest hurdles for any successful Buyer Journey Management programme to overcome. We explained why in our article “Is Customer Journey Management next?” when we discussed the challenge of demonstrating ROI for Customer Experience and Customer Journey Mapping: “The reason it is so hard to prove the ROI is because the customer experience/journey spans many functions,… Continue readingBuyer Journey Management – Overcoming the silo problem

The all knowing content hub

  • 4 min read

What is the “all knowing content hub”? In the new world of marketing and financial accountability, data, or more accurately, insights from that data, have become one of the most important elements to get right in order to be successful. However, with the explosion of digital content across multiple platforms that can be shared and accessed anywhere in the world,… Continue readingThe all knowing content hub

Do you have a “leaky funnel”?

  • 6 min read

Funnels are useful things. In the real world, they allow you to pour accurately into narrow containers and in the marketing world; we use them to describe the channelling of customers towards a sale. Except, bizarrely, that is not what marketers now use the term funnel to describe. Funnels are now more like sieves. Instead of neatly moving all customers… Continue readingDo you have a “leaky funnel”?

The dawn of commercial marketing

  • 3 min read

Times, they are a-Changin’ sang Bob Dylan. Marketers around the world should all be singing the refrain. Change is not new for marketing, of course. In fact, change is a constant. But there is an additional force of change in the air and few marketers have fully come to terms with what this looks like. That change is commercial marketing.… Continue readingThe dawn of commercial marketing

Change how you measure your marketing ROI

  • 4 min read

In the article The New ROI of Marketing, we looked at the calculations to understand our ROI and profitability. The conclusion was that becoming a customer-centric business will unlock a better engagement with customers that will have direct commercial return. To make the move towards customer-centricity, you need to first look at how you measure your efforts. This means that you need… Continue readingChange how you measure your marketing ROI